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10/06/2011 12:38 AM

A couple of things about the website really quickly. First, if you haven't checked it out yet, check out my personal website: Max Young! I post up a lot of other comics and pages there, so whenever I'm not updating here, chances are I'm putting some comics up on that site.

You may have noticed that the Shoutmix is gone. I hate that it's no longer free, as it use to be a great, simple way for me to quickly communicate things to regular readers as well as talk to you. It's such a bummer, but it's forced me to officially embrace twitter. Which is good. So follow me on twitter, I'll keep you updated about what I'm doing, comics, and everything else that I randomly decide to post. And you can even send me your comments, questions and anything else. So, all is not lost.

Updates will be on hold for awhile. School, applying for residencies/internships, papers, and getting comics ready for the con season that is rapidly approaching are gonna keep me drowned in work for the immediate future. I hare not updating, but sometimes, I've got to prioritize! I hope you enjoyed the updates in January, and I hope to give you more updates in 2012!

<3 Caybo


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