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Larinth Larinth

A mage of the sorcerer class (possessing the ability to channel magic through objects), Galdean's High Knight, and the second born son of the King of Galdean. His birth name is Merciian, but he now goes by the self-adopted name of "Larinth". He has left behind the castle to see the kingdom he has served for so long, accompanied by two guards appointed to him by the King. A battlefield tactician and leader, Larinth is a man searching for his place in the kingdom that he has served for so long.
Reea Reea

Among the best swordsmen in Galdean, Reea is one of Larinth's guards. She joined the legion where she quickly rose into the ranks of Honor Guard, the battalion under the direct command of the High Knight. She formed a romantic relationship with Larinth during the Border War, which has been on and off since then.
Jaren Jaren

A quiet, mountain of a man, Jaren is a Dark Knight and guardian to Larinth. Previously, Jaren was a guard to the King. He possesses the ability to cancel and absorb harmful magics, making him especially gifted in combating mages.
Aerason Aerason

The former High Knight and mentor to a young Larinth. Aerason has been searching restlessly to prevent a prophesized Second Age of Darkness from falling over the land. He wields Seneka, the Light One, a sword that emits arcane magics and may only be held by those of pure heart.
Raagarrl Raagarrl

Companion to Aerason, Raagarrl is a red dragon. Possessing intelligence above that of a human, the ability to talk, and breathe fire, Raagarrl is a fearsome ally that can allow for speedy travel across the lands on his back.
Ailis Ailis

A young girl seeking aid for her destroyed village. Naive and young, she doesn't share the secrets that she holds that may harm Larinth and his guardians. Doesn't know the difference between a pendant and a dagger.
Taliritha Taliritha

The last of the Magi and guardian of mankind, the Taliritha is a being of almost infinite power. His only purpose is to protect mankind from threats that would destroy civilization, but his true intentions and goals are unknown.
Kavan Kavan

The leader of a band of assassins that attacked Larinth's group. An exceptionally skilled swordsman with illusionary magic. His master remains unknown.
Dremith Dremith

Ill-tempered and prone to acts of violence, Dremith is the kingdom of Essenix's sole survivor. Possessing time manipulating magics, he was able to escape the demon army. The former Head General of Essenix's armies, Dremith lives only to destroy the demons that took his homeland and people from him.
Sive Sive

An assassin sent to kill Aerason. Skilled in assassin arts and uses spellshells to overwhelm her prey. Sive works for the mysterious Order of the Dragon.
Story summaries

Spoilers ahead, duh!
Learning to WalkLarinth leaves the capital and is followed by Reea. They are soon joined by Jaren sent by the King to watch and protect them both.

Aerason returns and asks for Larinth's help to prevent a Second Age of Darkness. The combined forces of Larinth and Aerason kill a mage inhabiting a strange tower, and Aerason once again masters command of Seneka. Aerason stays behind in the tower, and Raagarrl flies them to Harlain.

The Dark ProtectorIn Harlain, Jaren revisits Kara's home, comes to terms with his past, and claims her grandfather's sword.

Larinth and Reea discuss their history, and Reea learns of Larinth's engagement to a princess that he has never met. Later that night, Larinth has a vision that predicts Galdean's fall.

The three leave for Garthian to learn if the vision is more than a dream.

FallenTraveling to Garthian, Larinth, Reea, and Jaren run into Ailis, who asks them to save her sister and village. They arrive at the village to find Ailis's sister has been possessed by an ancient forest spirit. They are unable to save the possessed sibling, and Jaren delivers a fatal blow that banishes the spirit, killing Ailis's sister. Larinth is injuried during the fight, and as Reea tries to heal Larinth, a strange group of travelers appear, revealing themselves to be assassins. During the battle, Reea and Jaren slay the assassins, as the leader, Kavan, steps forward. He kills Jaren during the battle, and Kavan disappears. Jaren unlocks his latent healing abilities to save himself, becoming all-powerful in the process. The Taliritha steps in to lock away his powers for the good of the world, leaving the rest of them to tend to a dying Larinth.
BloodAilis leaves Larinth's group to start her own journey, as Larinth recovers in the temples of Garthian, taken safely there by the wings of Raagarrl. As they wait for the message promised in Larinth's vision, Jaren begins to learn his new found healing powers. Larinth begins to explore his own magic, as the city is attacked by a mysterious "demon". Jaren takes Larinth to the temples to train him further and there they encounter Aerason after recently slaying unarmed priestesses. Aerason tells them of the Book of Quetros, which holds prophecies predicting and telling how to stop the sea of demons that marches westward. Aerason tells them to go to the ruins of Farengaurd to recover the book to learn of the truth of Aerason's actions and their own role in defeating the demons.

As they pack to leave for Farengaurd in the far west mountains, the demon attacking the people of Garthian fights to Larinth and is revealed as being Dremith, the time mage. He delivers Larinth a message from his father that announces him as the new King of Galdea, and tells him to go to Farengaurd to recover his ancestors ancient weapons to avenge his death at the hands of the demon army.

Dremith joins the group as they begin their journey west to the ruins of Farengaurd.



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